My customers?

My art is for sale to a wide variety of customers, from private collectors and
companies to art dealers
and galleries

Purchasing a WOL75 Creations

Buying a work of art is not something you do every day. Often it’s an object you plan to enjoy for a lifetime so you’ll want to give it some thought. You’ll probably want to know more about the work itself and about the artists’ background. Perhaps you would like to meet the artist in person. Usually you’ll only have this opportunity at exhibitions or when the artist opens up his studio to the public.

Living in the Netherlands
If you live in the Netherlands I would be happy to make a visit to discuss your preferences and answer your questions. This way your purchase of an artwork becomes a story of it’s own. A story you can tell your friends or colleagues when they ask you where you got your WOL75.

Outside the Netherlands
In case you live outside of the Netherlands. Please feel free to contact me any time with questions or to discuss any alternatives.

Requesting a test placement online
At WOL75 you can request a test viewing of your preferred artwork free of charge. I will personally bring my artwork to your home or place of work to show how it. This way you can experience in advance how it looks in your surroundings.

Make a request test placement online

My art is for sale to a wide variety of customers, from private collectors and companies to art dealers and galleries.