Serie: M-Red Collection
Material: Canson RAG Photographique, Diasec®
Size: 125cm x 220cm
Edition: 8

Price: On request

© copyright WOL75 Creations 2016

Carrier Of Memories
The Carrier of Memories is about intense memories the subconscious refuses to let go off. They keep surfacing without you having any say on it. A smell, a tune or a place sets a flow of thoughts in movement. Suddenly you realize: “I stood here, I was here, this is what I was thinking. Exactly this. When I was here, when I was eighteen.”

The Carrier is your subconscious. De creatures on the backpack represent intense memories. Are they demons or angels? Are you their creator? How important are these thoughts to you? Do you want to keep recreating until the end of time? And how strong is the Carrier?