The Artist WOL75

Intensity features the art of WOL75. Power, control and manipulation are a recurring theme in his work. His art has a distinctive visual language, consisting of drawn collages and photomontages, in which he combines human, animal and organic forms with (bio)mechanical elements. His work is described as Urban Contemporary Art/ Contemporary Art.

WOL75 constantly plays with the consciousness and unconsciousness of people, and he quotes themes such as love, relationships, identity, memories and making choices. Currently he has created the artwork series; Leaving the stairs Taking away my memories, Jekyll & Hyde and the M-Red collection, Proppetje, MC Collection and All For The Money Project.

LOWLANDS 2013: WOL75 Creations op LOWLANDS 
LOWLANDS 2014: WOL75 Creations op LOWLANDS
LOWLANDS 2015: WOL75 Creations op LOWLANDS
LOWLANDS 2017: WOL75 Creations op LOWLANDS 

WOL75 (aka Jasper (Wol) Wolters, 1975) is a dutch artist/ Illustrator and Art director living in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. WOL75 graduate at the Academy of Fine Arts in ‘s-Hertogenbosch (1999-2004). WOL75 has been working as an artist and Independent Art Director since 2004.